Refugees like Jana, Rafi and Alima have fled violence, persecution and hatred. Help them to feel safe in the UK by leaving a message on our Refugees Welcome Wall.

When you leave a message on this page, we’ll make sure refugees see it by displaying it in our centres.  What’s more, it’ll show the world that you welcome refugees – and that you think everyone should be treated with kindness and respect.

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Welcome, I wish you peace and safety. My thoughts and very best wishes are with you all my sisters and brothers.
Again I say, WELCOME!!!!

Karen Partridge

Without you we are diminished. Welcome refugees with open hearts and minds.

Julie Barrett

You are very welcome to the UK.
I’m happy you’re here and please know that there are many many people who support you. I hope you can rebuild your lives in peace and find a safe place to call home. You deserve it.
Hope and love will always Trump hate..!
Welcome again.

Lainey Oldaker

The beautiful region of Harrogate and district welcomes refugees!

My family and I hope you all have a wonderful new life in the UK! 🙂 xx

Christine Walton

Dear brother and sister. Warmest tenderest welcome to England, the weather is cold but there are many many warm hearts to welcome you, pray for you and be in solidarity with you. We, My family and I and Bolton as a city of sanctuary wish you the joy of knowing that you are a unique, precious human being, peace …the fullness of life given for every human being and happiness.

So sorry for the traumas and indifference that you have endured.

Yours in friendship Christine a believer in the goodness, created in a loving Gods image that is deeper within than any darkness.

God bless you. Love Christine xxx


Welcome to the UK!

Please know that you are loved and supported. You have hundreds, even thousands, of brothers and sisters across the country who are with you.

If you need help, please ask. We are stronger together.

There is so much love in this world for you my friend, and here is just a little bit of it.

Stay strong, be true and keep your heart open.

With love,



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