Choices Assisted Voluntary Return

East Midlands Choices

"When I got back some friends were waiting for me at the airport. They took me to meet my parents. They were very happy.  I had not seen them in a long time.” – Akram, who returned to India through Choices

There are many reasons why people approach Choices, Refugee Action’s assisted voluntary return service.  Some have reached the end of the asylum process.  Others feel returning would give them better opportunities.  Many simply want to be reunited with family and friends.

Whatever their reasons, it’s crucial anyone considering return gets the support and information they need to decide if returning is right for them.

In the East Midlands, a local caseworker helps anyone who’s thinking about returning to explore their options through impartial, confidential advice.

We also visit groups and communities around the region to make sure anyone who needs advice about returning knows where to go for help.