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Do your candidates stand with refugees?

The general election takes place on 12 December 2019. Certain issues are bound to dominate the debate – but we also know that for many people, increasing support for refugees and people seeking asylum in Britain is a really important concern.

Your candidates are standing for parliament – but do they stand with refugees?

Please email your candidates to ask them where they stand on some of the key themes affecting people who have come to the UK in search of safety.

There are lots of ways to make sure the views and needs of refugees and people seeking asylum aren’t overlooked during this general election campaign.

As well as emailing your local candidates, you can quiz your candidates when they come canvassing.

Or you can attend a local hustings to ask the candidates directly about their views, and whether they’ll commit to stand with refugees if they’re elected as your representative in parliament.

Download our local campaigning guide for the election, for suggestions on how you can ask your candidates if they stand with refugees.

"I would ask you to talk to your candidates – we are here to be part of your communities. We want to contribute positively to society. We just want a safe place to call home, and the opportunity to provide for ourselves." - Sam

We’ve supplied a door hanger, which you can print and hang to your door, or download to your phone, as reminder of some of the key questions to ask your candidates when they come canvassing.

We’d love to hear how you get on – do let us know by emailing us at