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You’re helping to Lift the Ban

Since the Lift the Ban campaign was launched last October, thousands and thousands of you signed our petition to put pressure on the Government to allow people seeking asylum the right to work. Your support has been phenomenal – thank you.

We’ve also been campaigning on this important issue throughout the year making sure it’s firmly on the agenda at Westminster as well as securing media coverage in publications like the Financial Times and the Economist. With you by our side, we’re determined to continue pushing ahead to ensure change happens in 2020 for people who have been left in destitution without the chance to work whilst waiting months, even years, for an asylum decision.

Your kindness changes lives

When we say your support changes lives, we mean it. We often hear the heart-wrenching stories of the people we help, who have fled some of the worst atrocities in the world.

These stories stay with us. In this video Gemma, who works for Refugee Action, recalls a particular story of a woman we helped that shows just how big a difference your support makes.

Thanks to supporters like you we raised an incredible £500,000 in 2019!

A massive thank you for your generosity – we appreciate every gift we receive. Your kind gifts have enabled us to help 2,787 people seeking protection. We’ve been able to provide practical support and advice as well as stop them from falling further into poverty.

Thanks to you, we’ll continue fighting for the rights of refugees like Ahmed, who was forced to flee Egypt after his life was in danger.

Your support matters to the people we help – thank you again for helping humanity to win!