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26 Ideas For the 2.6 Challenge

With all the marathons and other fundraising events cancelled by the coronavirus, UK charities look set to miss out on £4 billion this spring and summer. This comes at a time when vulnerable refugees and people seeking asylum need our help more than ever.

The lockdown is looking more like a marathon than a sprint, but you don’t need to be able to run 26 miles to fundraise for Refugee Action and make up for the events you’re missing out on.

The 2.6 Challenge is a unique event for a unique time – and the challenge can be unique to you! Get sponsored to take on a socially distanced feat of fundraising that relates to the numbers 26 or 2.6.

All you need is a good idea! Here are 26 to get you started…

1. Run, walk or cycle 2.6 (or 26) miles between 26th – 30th April

2. Hop for 26 minutes every day

3. Climb the stairs 26 times

4. Learn how to say welcome in 26 languages

5. Bake 26 different things (and share them with your neighbours or freeze for after lockdown!)

6. Complete 26 laps of the garden

7. Host a virtual quiz with 26 questions

8. Offer a 26-minute virtual lesson (from piano to painting or pilates)

9. Organise a virtual bingo game with 26 players

10. Give a 26-minute live performance

11. Try doing 26 keepy-uppys in a row

12. Write 26 lines of a short story to share

13. Try juggling non-stop for 26 minutes

14. Stay silent for 26 minutes (or hours!)

15. Read 26 (or 2.6) books

16. Complete an obstacle course with 26 challenges in it

17. Hula Hoop for 2.6 minutes non stop

18. Organise a virtual auction of 26 promises

19. Toss a pancake 26 times without dropping it

20. Sing 26 different songs in 2.6 minutes for a karaoke challenge

21. Celebrate your 26th birthday or anniversary and ask people to donate £2.60 instead of a card

22. See how many grapes or marshmallows you can eat in 26 seconds

23. Get crafty and make something to sell for £2.60 each

24. See how many squats, sit ups or star jumps you can do in 26 minutes

25. Scavenger hunt: name and find 26 items that are essential to refugees when they resettle in their new homes (in 26 minutes)

26. Ask your friends to think up 26 one-minute challenges and complete them all!