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Refugee Action responds to reports of racial profiling by Home Office

By August 1, 2013November 18th, 2016Press release

Refugee Action is concerned by reports of racial profiling by Home Office immigration officers at London tube station. These reports follow on from the recent controversial advertising campaign run by the Home Office to encourage voluntary departures.

Dave Garratt, Chief Executive of Refugee Action, said:

“The Home Office is responsible for community cohesion. Yet we are increasingly seeing what appears to be hostility towards non-white immigration. This will do nothing but incite racial tensions and divisions within otherwise rich and diverse communities.

“At Refugee Action, we support a wide-range of people who have fled war, torture and persecution. They have come to the UK in search of protection and safety. But instead of being treated fairly, with dignity and respect, our broken system and the increasing hostility towards immigration leaves many isolated and in some cases destitute, without any shelter and support.

“This has to change. We urgently need a more balanced public debate on immigration, free of political agendas. Without it we risk eroding the very foundations of communities across the UK.”

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