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About us

Refugee Action has supported refugees
and people seeking asylum since 1981

Everyone who has had to flee their home deserves a chance to live again

At Refugee Action, we help people who’ve survived some of the world’s worst regimes. We get them the basic support they need to live again with dignity. Then we help them build safe, happy and productive lives in the UK.

Our vision is that refugees and people seeking asylum will be welcome in the UK. They will get justice, live free of poverty and be able to successfully rebuild their lives.


not isolation


not destitution


not hatred

A future

free from fear

We believe that humanity can win

Regardless of how people seeking safety arrive in the UK, their journey to a safe, productive life is not over. So many challenges face refugees and people seeking asylum right here in the UK – and that’s why we exist.

Our values

We are with refugees and people seeking asylum. Our work is shaped by the experiences and insights of refugees and people seeking asylum. We stand together to call for change and commit to removing the barriers they face in using their power, skills and experience. We commit to deep analysis of how power works within society, the sector and Refugee Action.

We are collaborative. We believe that a well-connected, resilient and skilled refugee sector and movement is essential to achieving our vision and we understand that we have an important role to play in facilitating this and building effective collaborations. We are power-aware and commit to share our access, influence and platforms.

We are courageous. We’re bold and creative in all that we do. We challenge, at an individual and systemic level, those who hold power over the lives of refugees. We understand the scale of the task to achieve our vision and so take calculated risks to make progress and have an impact.

We are anti-racist. We recognise that we are working in a system that racialises people, creating discriminatory policies and practices that have a traumatic impact on refugees. We recognise that this is also deep rooted within society and in our sector. We will work towards being an anti-racist charity and commit to learning from our mistakes. We commit to continual learning and believe that we cannot truly achieve our vision without constantly challenging ourselves as Refugee Action. With this in mind, we are working towards viewing all our work through an anti-racist lens.

Our impact

In 2022/23, Refugee Action:

3,000 people in the asylum process have received critical support

52,000 people campaigned to end the ban on work for people seeking asylum

1,700 refugees were resettled in the UK and supported to rebuild their lives in safety

247 organisations were supported to improve the lives of refugees and people seeking asylum

Shifting power

For many years, we’ve been fighting for a fair asylum system for people seeking safety. But this is no longer enough. 

The asylum and immigration system in the UK is structurally and systematically racist, upheld by the racialised and dehumanising narratives that are used to justify it.  

To end this, we need systematic change. Not just changes to laws and policies, but to the narratives used by those with power, our culture and values, our whole society. This is what our ambitious 2023-30 strategy sets out to do, starting with ending the hostile environment faced by people seeking safety.

Read our 2023-2030 strategy