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Another shameful day – response to PM’s statement on asylum system

By December 13, 2022February 7th, 2023Press release

In response to the Prime Ministers announcement on proposed changes to the asylum system, Tim Naor Hilton, Chief Executive of Refugee Action, said:

“This is yet another shameful day in the Government’s treatment of people fleeing war and persecution.

“New laws to ban people who have no other choice than to cross the Channel from claiming asylum are unbelievably callous and mean refugees trying to reach family here could be deported back to danger.

“Meanwhile Ministers remain unable to commit to creating safe routes – a move that could end most small boat crossings overnight.

“Changes to anti-slavery guidance and deporting people based on sweeping and incorrect assumptions about their nationality will mean many victims and refugees risk further danger and exploitation.

“And it beggar’s belief that the Government is still intent on opening new shared accommodation centres in after the fatal catastrophe at Manston, for which there has still been no pledge of an inquiry.

“Most of these changes are cruel, ineffective and unlawful and will do nothing to fix the real problems in the system. They’ll instead cause misery for thousands of already traumatised people.”