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Asylum Guides

What is Asylum Guides?

A programme to help charities match volunteers with people seeking asylum. We provide tools to help clients to navigate their asylum journey.

The mission

We’re building a network of 3,000 Asylum Guide volunteers to support every asylum seeker in the UK. Be part of the movement.

How to get involved

Register below to run Asylum Guides. We’re supporting organisations to set up and run their own Asylum Guides programme.

Register to run Asylum Guides

"I had never heard about the Refugee Convention, not even from my solicitor. And I didn’t know I had to ask for my interview to be recorded. And I feel confident about the interview, Amy told me not to guess the answer to questions and why that was important. It seems so obvious, but I thought I had to answer every question, now I know I can say I don’t know or I cannot remember."

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