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Dignity not destitution

The Government has a duty to ensure that people seeking protection in the UK do not fall into hardship whilst their claims are being processed. This is especially important as most people claiming sanctuary are not allowed to work.

However, every day, Refugee Action sees people who have fled conflict and persecution experiencing extreme poverty. Many haven’t eaten a proper meal in weeks and are living on the streets.

Our research shows that some of the most vulnerable people seeking protection in the UK are being wrongly denied support or are suffering long delays to get the support they are entitled to.

“The Home Office is supposed to help you. They say, “come here and feel safe” but it’s not actually what they do. We’re in constant limbo. We are in constant worry where our next meal is coming from.”

Nobody seeking our protection should be left homeless or unable to support themselves and their family. Join our campaign to call on the Government to deliver dignity, not destitution, for asylum seekers.