Stand Up For Asylum

Every year people make dangerous journeys to reach our shore and claim asylum. They have fled conflict and persecution and are desperately seeking safety.

But the system they rely on all too often fails them. Instead of safety and shelter, they can be left hungry and homeless on our streets whilst they wait, sometimes years, to get a decision that in many cases is wrong.

It’s unfair and ineffective.

Half of all people seeking asylum wait longer than 6 months for a decision
Vulnerable families struggle to survive on just £5.66 a day for years
One in three people are granted refugee status on appeal

It doesn’t have to be this way. We’re campaigning to change the system. We believe a future is possible where those forced to flee the homes they loved receive compassion, a fair decision, essential support and help to rebuild their lives.

Read our vision for a fair and effective asylum system.

Our latest report reveals that vulnerable people have been failed by the asylum system, left in appalling living conditions or even without any support at all for months at a time.

If you believe that everyone who comes to Britain in search of safety should be treated with fairness and compassion, add your name to our petition and #StandUpForAsylum.

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People who are seeking asylum, they already have lots of problems. They have left everything in their home country, whatever their problem is, they have worries, they are heartbroken. So why not help them?


Access to Justice in the Asylum System

Our research shows that changes to the legal aid system have left many people seeking asylum completely unable to access the legal support they need to make their case for protection from violence or persecution. This is denying justice to some of the most vulnerable people in our country.

It is essential that people seeking asylum are able to access good quality legal assistance. Applying for refugee status is very complex and most people arrive in the UK with little or no experience of going through the legal system of their own country, let alone one they are new to and in a language they might not understand.

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Banned from working – waiting months, even years

Right now, right here in the UK, people seeking refugee status are banned from working while they wait months, and often years, for a decision on their asylum claim. Instead, they are left to live on just £5.66 per day, struggling to support themselves and their families, whilst the Government wastes the talents of thousands of people.

We think that’s wrong. We believe that people who have risked everything to find safety should have the best chance of contributing to our society and integrating into our communities.

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