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You don’t know what a small gesture means to a refugee. Even just a smile can mean so much.


It’s the little things that matter – a kind word or a smile can make such a difference to all of us. But it can mean even more to someone who has been forced to flee their home because of war and violence. It lets them know that they’re not alone. That there are people here in Britain who care. Who share their hope that they can build a new life here. If you’re one of those people, please leave a message. Your words could make someone’s day.

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Please don't go! If you choose no, we won't be able to contact you about our work and how you're helping people who have fled violence and persecution. Be part of the action to help them rebuild their lives in Britain. Please choose yes.

Your messages

you are welcome here and i hope you will be able to access all the help you need to process your application for asylum as speedily as possible. good wishes.

welcome to england, we are glad to see you and we hope you will enjoy this country in peace and with friendship and support.

you have fought to get here and we will fight for you to stay. everyone with a good heart can contribute to making the u.k a better place.

i am ashamed of the way the uk treats asylum seekers. please believe that there are people who welcome you and want to help.

welcome! welcome! i’m so sorry for this terrible system (run by some terrible people) which must make you feel so disheartened and unwelcome at time. there are good people here who understand your need for refuge and what a frightening experience you have had. i send you much warmth and kindness.

welcome to the uk, i’m sorry for whatever experiences you have been through and we welcome you with open arms!