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“My children don’t have space to be children and do the normal things other children do. I just want to get them out of this situation.”

Eli arrived in the UK last year with her three young children. Seven-year old twin boys and her nine-year-old daughter. They were forced to leave their home in Iran after being persecuted for their religious beliefs.  

But since arriving here, Eli found herself stuck living in poor, cramped hotel accommodation. All four of them trapped in one small room with no space for her children to learn, play or explore.  

Nearly 50,000* people seeking asylum currently live in temporary or ‘contingency’ accommodation.  

The impact of these living environments, particularly on children, is severely detrimental. 

“No child should ever be forced to live in such conditions and be deprived of being a child.” 

With your support, families like Eli’s can be reached.

Donate what you can today, and ensure people have access to vital support from our Children & Families Project and, hotel support teams 

“We’ve been stuck in this place for over a year and who knows how much longer we’ll be here.”

“I’m worried about my children’s mental health.  

They can’t live properly. They get frustrated. They don’t understand why we can’t live in a home.”  

Eli’s children have started school but because of their living situation Eli is worried they will become stressed and fall behind.  

“My children love going to school. Maths, Art, PE and computing are their favourites. They love their teachers and how they are treated.  

But it’s difficult for them when they have to come back to the hotel.  

My children have no place to study. They have to do their homework either on beds which are too soft to write on, or cramped on the floor in a row in a very small space. 

They go to school tired and return only to get neck and back pain from just trying to do their homework. 

They want to make friends but how can they when they are stuck living like this?  

They can’t play or get to know their friends outside of school.  

When they then ask why anyone would force people to live in such a condition, I don’t have answer for them. 

How would you explain that to young children? 

I hope that one day soon my children get to be that, children.” 


Your support could link families with caseworkers to help push their cases forward, and advocate for their needs. You can help us run informal English classes and fun activity sessions for children to join. 

Will you help bring hope to families like Eli’s and ensure they aren’t left forgotten?  

could provide school and art supplies to children stuck living in hotels so they can keep up with their work and connect with other children.

could host twice weekly case worker coffee mornings in hotels providing case advice and support.

could help campaign faster decisions so people can be in safer long term accommodation sooner.

* Figures from December 2022 immigration statistics