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The holidays can be a magical time filled with togetherness and celebration. No matter what holidays you observe they are special and sacred to you. 

But how would you feel if the celebrations that mean so much to you put your family in danger? How would you feel if you were forced to hide the essence of who you are just to remain safe? 

This is the reality for people who have been forced from their homes due to religious persecution. 

With your support this Christmas you can help bring joy to people and ensure they can live and celebrate in safety. You’ll be supporting people like Nasrin, who dreamed of being able to celebrate Christmas with her family without it putting their lives at risk.  

Any donations received before 31st December up to a total of £60,000 will be matched by a group of Refugee Action supporters.  

Any donations received before 31st December up to a total of £60,000 will be matched by a group of Refugee Action supporters.  

£20 could provide two children, like Nasrin’s son, with a gift for them to open on Christmas morning such as a fun board game or craft set.  

£50 could provide someone with a Winter wellbeing box this Christmas, filled with journals, supermarket vouchers, winter hat and gloves, and vital mental health resources. 

£100 could help host weekly support sessions for families trapped living in the asylum system, so people like Nasrin can, access support, make friends, and celebrate together.

Nasrin’s story – A life in hiding 

“I’ll never forget the first Christmas we had in the UK. 

I cannot describe what it was like to see my son experience Christmas. He was so excited to be seeing Father Christmas and getting presents from him for the first time. He was over the moon.

I’m a Christian from a country where I was not able to observe or celebrate my religion freely.

I had to keep my religion a secret

It wasn’t safe for me.  

My mother was against my religious beliefs and harassed me to try to stop me practising my Christian religion.  

We had no other choice but to leave.  

Coming to the UK was scary. Despite everything, we do miss our home. We miss our people and at times we feel sad. But we were then introduced to Refugee Action and our caseworker Mariam. 


It is important to communicate with others and share your feelings. Refugee Action helped us find people to connect with, to come together and support each other.

We didn’t feel alone anymore.  

I always dreamed of being able to observe my holidays with my family without fear. It was amazing to see how my son’s mood was lifted when we were able to celebrate Christmas properly for this first time.  

We’re still waiting for a decision on our asylum claim so we aren’t totally free yet. 

I’m not allowed to work.  

In the New Year I’d love to have my refugee status and be in a position to get a job. My hope is that one day I’ll be then be able to help others in the same situation as mine.  

We often feel low, sad and stressed about the things we left behind and the uncertainty of our future. But attending groups at Refugee Action and having support, you don’t understand how much that can boost our mood.  

"I’ll never forget the first Christmas we had in the UK."

This Christmas will you help spread the festive joy by telling us about your Christmas wishes, or the ways you celebrate.

In our Refugee Action groups we often create things together. One of the other attendees Vanessa drew this bauble to share with you.

Will you download and add your wishes and then send it back to Refugee Action so they can share them with those who need them most?