Collection for Humanity

Your group can
help us welcome

Will your church be there for refugees this winter?

By joining forces with Refugee Action this winter, your church can make sure that refugees are treated with humanity.

When people seeking safety arrive here in the UK, they’ve often been through unimaginable trauma. As survivors of war and persecution, all they want is a safe place to call home. Too often, people looking for refuge on our shores are faced with a bleak future of poverty, isolation and uncertainty. It doesn’t have to be this way. Together with your church, we can stand up for refugees this winter.

We’ve been welcoming refugees with open arms for nearly 40 years

Since 1981 Refugee Action been welcoming refugees with open arms. Through our refugee resettlement scheme, frontline projects and campaigning work, we make sure that people looking for safety feel welcome, heard and protected.

With the help of supporters who share our values, we have helped refugees to claim asylum, get the rights they’re entitled to and integrate with their new communities. Our vision is a future where refugees and people seeking protection are welcomed and given the support they need to build safe and productive lives in Britain.

Join us and change lives

Are you and your church passionate about standing up for refugees? Taking action could not be more simple. Dedicate a service to Refugee Action this winter, and ask your congregation to donate to a collection. The money you raise will make a lasting difference to refugees and people seeking safety in the UK.

Our free church pack has everything you need to host a service and collection for Refugee Action this winter. It includes:

  • Stories from people seeking safety in the UK
  • Sermon notes and suggested prayers and hymns
  • Information on how your donations will change lives
  • A poster to promote your collection
  • Gift Aid envelopes

Request your pack today and it will arrive in the post within 7 working days. If you have any questions about the pack, our work or about your church’s fundraising, please get in touch with Rebecca in our Community Fundraising team at