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Coming together to support refugees

We have all seen the horrifying images coming from Ukraine. We are asking all of you, friends, family and colleagues, to help us in raising money to support Ukrainian and other refugees who have faced similar horrors, through two charities that we feel are making a real impact. 

We are asking you all to make a donation TODAY, to either Refugee Action in the UK or in the US. has already provided short-term housing to more than 55,000 refugees, and Refugee Action is enabling refugees to regain their dignity and create new lives for themselves. 

Refugee Action and work in partnership and a donation to one will also benefit the other. We have structured our request this way to make it as easy as is possible for you all to give.

All of us below, have had the opportunity to vet both organisations. We learned about how they support refugees and the types of impacts they are making. We are all busy London women and mothers, and we are taking the time to do this because we believe that the need is so very real. 

Thank you for your support.

Tracey Turner, Amanda Littner, Amisha Lakhani, Anita Bejerano, Catie Miller, Clare Bogard, Caroline Hanouka, Elaine Trimble, Ellie Roche, Ingrid Palsson-Escudero, Jane Simons, Kate Hill, Lizzie Dillon, Naomi Desau, Oonagh O’Hagan, Sasha Spencer, Shanthi Ayres and Suzi Jacobs.

Find out more about the charities

Refugee Action