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Schools are gearing up for a new year, but what about refugee children?
Don’t let them be forgotten.

Children across the UK will be getting ready to meet their new teachers, try on new uniforms and reunite with friends after the summer holidays.

But for many refugee children and their families this is not reality. They often wait months to find out if and where they have been allocated school places.

Mercy, Farida and Saharo are mothers fighting to protect their children.

When families arrive in the UK they find themselves in a hostile and broken asylum system.

They struggle to access support and become increasingly socially isolated. This has a devastating impact on children’s development.

Schools is more than just a place to learn, it is a place for children to connect, makes friends and express themselves.

You can help stop children being robbed of these experiences.

Will you donate today to help families access resources, secure school places and integrate into their new communities?

“Without Refugee Action my children would have remained depressed. At the height of lockdown my daughter stopped eating. She wouldn’t come downstairs for days.” – Mercy

This is where your support comes in

By supporting Refugee Action you are helping children access education, receive key supplies and take part in activities with other children whilst they wait for school places. 

Mercy first arrived in the UK in 2019 with her husband and their four children.

“My family has been navigating the trauma of leaving our home, the outbreak of COVID, lockdown and very hostile immigration policy. But thanks to Refugee Action My children were able to go to cycling lessons, where they learned new skills made friends and I was able to meet other parents. Refugee Action even organised a day trip for my children to visit some of the local museums.”

Farida arrived in the UK in 2009 and spent years in the asylum system

“Without them, I can’t even imagine where I’d be. It was Refugee Action that helped me with my asylum claim, helped my girls access education and make friends, and kept us all safe. They organised day trips to help take our minds off from what we were going through. I can’t thank them enough.”

Saharo and her children arrived in the UK five years ago through a Refugee Resettlement programme.

“Now my life is good, we have freedom. I’m able to go to college and learn English. My children are now in school regularly. They hope to go to university. They want to help other refugees like us.”

Take action this school season

There are many other families like, Saharo, Farida and Mercy’s, who are still struggling. They deserve their new beginning.

You can help these families. Will you donate today to give them a fighting chance?

Donate today to stop people living in inhumane conditions.


…could provide craft resources and activities sessions, like cycling classes, for children.


could support our work supporting families and advocating for school places.


could provide parents with access to child minding services when their children aren’t in school so they can attend support group sessions.