Frontline Immigration
Advice Project

Vulnerable migrants need accurate, high quality advice. Without it they face injustice and destitution.

Since 2016, Refugee Action’s Frontline Immigration Advice Project (FIAP) has been helping organisations working with them to provide that advice.

We do this by training advisers, supporting advice model development and helping organisations get Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) registered. Then we continue to support them in their practice. This leads to more free, good quality immigration advice available to refugees and asylum seekers.

FIAP is a project from Refugee Action’s Good Practice and Partnerships service.


Training Courses


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New Immigration Advisers


Partner Organisations

Who we work with

Charities and other not-for-profit organisations who:

  • Want to register with the OISC
  • Are already OISC registered, or
  • Are unsure about registering, or don’t need to, but want to understand immigration advice and how to work within its legal boundaries

What we offer

Due to high demand, the Frontline and Immigration Advice Project has temporarily paused bringing new organisations on board for Level 1 for the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) registration. If you’re interested in Level 1, please submit your interest in the programme and we will get back to you from April. We can still help organisations or candidates who are considering Level 2.

In the meantime, you are very welcome to book onto our open course – Boundaries and Good Practice, which will appear in ourprogramme when running. We invite you to join the Good Practice and Partnerships Slack Group where you can seek advice from sector organisations (please email Lizzie Hobbs to be added), and you can also sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest opportunities and resources.

This is what we offer when the project is active:

  • Training in immigration law at OISC Levels One and Two
  • Study support for OISC assessments
  • Guidance through the OISC registration process
  • Ongoing support and Continuous Professional Development to students and organisations enrolled in the FIAP programme
  • Awareness raising sessions to help unregistered organisations work within legal boundaries
  • Needs assessments and advice model development for organisations who are unsure about their requirement to register

We offer all this online and by phone.

What do you need?

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