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Recipes by refugees straight to your door. Home Made brings a whole new story to your dinner table, bringing different smells, tastes, and cultures to kitchens across the country


We all seek comfort in food. For refugees and people seeking asylum, the food that they cook is one of their true connections to home.  

Home Made is Refugee Action’s new recipe subscription. You’ll be able to share in the joy of cooking recipes inspired by individuals we support and their stories. 

For a monthly donation, we’ll send you a regular Home made recipe pack so you can work yourself through the ranks from pot washer to head chef .

Each pack will a celebrate the cultures, cuisines and stories of the people Refugee Action support.

Your monthly donations will continue to help refugees and people seeking asylum access vital crisis support, mental health provisions, and information about their rights. You can cancel your donation at any time.

No prior cooking experience needed, each recipe will have clear and easy to follow steps. We want Home Made to be for all, and each month you’ll graduate to another cooking level, from Pot Washer all the way up to being appointed a Home Made head Chef.  



You’ll receive a personal recipe from one of Refugee Action’s Experts by Experience.* These may be service users, volunteers or team members. Alongside the recipe they’ll be sharing with you what it means to them. Maybe it will be a family recipe passed down through generations, or perhaps a dish that they used to have on special holidays.

You’ll also receive a food related mindfulness activity in special packs. Refugees and people seeking asylum often struggle with poor mental health. The cruel and punishing nature of the asylum systems leaves people isolated, and pushes them into severe depression. Refugee Action has introduced wellbeing support and mental health provisions into our services. Protecting your mental health is important for anyone, so we wanted to make sure you had something each month that allowed you to take time for you and your own wellbeing.

You’ll gain access to exclusive digital content. We’ll be sharing extra tips and some video and audio from each month’s Expert by Experience on our website. And you’ll be able to request access to our Home made Community Facebook group where you’ll be able to connect with other Home made members and share your own tips and tricks as your progress in the cooking ranks. There will also be special surprises in your packs.

*Experts by Experience are people who have lived through the asylum system.