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Report: Hostile Accommodation

Refugee Action’s report, Hostile Accommodation, reveals that the government is running a system of de-facto detention and segregation of people in the current asylum accommodation system.

It’s cruel by design.

Key Findings

1           The set of policies surrounding asylum accommodation, decision making and support have converged to produce a nation-wide system of  racialised segregation and de-facto detention of people seeking asylum. 

2    The cost of de-facto detention has increased exponentially since 2019 leading to enormous profits being generated for the Government’s private contractors. 

3    Plans to replace ‘contingency accommodation’ or detention of people in one room in hotel settings with camps will further entrench this system. 

Our recommendations

1     Housing people seeking asylum in high quality and appropriate accommodation in communities is workable and just.

2    Standards for asylum seeker housing should be brought into line  with those of the rest of the population and adjusted for their specific needs. You can read Refugee Action’s accommodation principles here.

3    The Government should work with and fund local authorities and NGOs to run integrated housing, support, and legal advice in communities and address the crisis in social housing.