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Khaalid and Nuuriya have four young children and Nuuriya is pregnant. They fled their home country in Africa because of conflict and war.

They thought they would find peace in the UK but have experienced hate crime at the hands of young people in their neighbourhood ever since they moved in.

Khaalid said: ‘our children can’t go and play in the garden because the youth keep throwing stones.’

Nuuriya said: ‘Sometimes, I go to pick up my children from school and they throw stones at me. I can’t even use the bin outside, I’m too scared they’ll be there.

‘Once when we were not here, they set a fire outside in our garden. They threw a lit cigarette and it caught fire.

‘They only target us and an African neighbour. At first I thought it was because we are Muslim and my wife wears a veil, but when I saw him getting harassed too, I knew it was because of our skin colour.’

‘We have a lot of good neighbours too. There’s a lady who’s always saying hello and trying to help. We still feel welcomed despite the problems.’

Khaalid and Nuuriya said they they know that the people who are abusing them don’t represent their whole community. But they still fear for the safety of their children.

‘I have requested to move on as soon as possible.’ Khaalid and Nuuriya have been offered new home in a different area and are now waiting to move.

Refugee Action caseworkers are doing everything they can to support victims of hate crime. They help people to report crimes to the police and follow up on their behalf if action isn’t taken, supporting them to move if they’re not safe.

Sadly, we’re hearing more and more reports of hate crimes. You can help our staff be there so that people like Khaalid and Nuuriya aren’t facing these horrendous crimes alone.

Refugees and people seeking asylum come to the UK hoping for peace so that they can rebuild their lives and give their children a future free from violence. When they experience hate crime that hope is dashed.

Help refugees like Khaalid and Nuuriya rebuild their lives in safety

A donation from you could help provide practical advice and vital help to refugees who have been attacked or threatened, as well as helping us make sure that these terrible crimes are properly investigated. Please help us support more refugees as they rebuild their lives by donating today: