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Free immigration legal advice is in short supply. Many vulnerable migrants and asylum-seekers are left with uncertain status resulting in homelessness and destitution. Often they turn to charities and not-for-profit organisations for advice. Such advice is closely regulated by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC).

However organisations they turn to may not be registered with the OISC, nor aware of the need to be regulated. This places them in a difficult situation.

That’s where the Frontline Immigration Advice Project (FIAP) comes in. Our Level One training helps get your staff ready for OISC advisor assessment while your organisation prepares to apply for organisation registration.

The OISC explain more about what needs to be regulated and why. Read our registration guides for organisations and for advisers.

What we offer

Once your organisation is accepted onto the project you will be able to access:

  • Free 1 day OISC Level One (Asylum and Protection) training based on the OISC syllabus, delivered in an online classroom setting. No OISC advisor assessment is required for Level One registration in Asylum and Protection.
  • Free 5 day OISC Level One (Immigration) training based on the OISC syllabus, delivered in an online classroom setting
  • Individual coaching towards OISC assessment, subject to capacity
  • Self-study and revision materials
  • Organisational mentoring towards OISC registration
  • Support around issues preventing registration
  • Continued support with adviser continuous professional development and casework practice

If it’s Level Two training or support you need we do that too.

What you’ll need

Once trained, staff and organisations must submit ‘New Adviser’ and ‘Organisation’ registration applications to the OISC at the same time. If you’re applying for registration at Level One (Immigration) level the OISC will invite your staff to sit an assessment (usually sat 3-5 weeks after submitting your application). If they pass, the OISC will begin the registration for your organisation. Once completed your staff will be able to deliver immigration advice.

To make this happen your organisation will need to commit to a few things:

  • Managerial time to prepare and submit an organisation application for registration with the OISC
  • Acquiring professional indemnity insurance
  • Providing staff approximately 10 days away from their day-to-day duties to attend five day training, undertake self-study and revision, and sit the assessment.
  • Ensuring staff have Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks issued in the last six months at date of OISC application
  • Ensuring staff have access to a computer, internet and ideally a headset to undertake online classroom training
  • GDPR compliant record storage and good staff support processes
  • Providing feedback to FIAP on your experience and outcome

What your staff will need to register at Level One (Immigration)

  • To attend five consecutive online classroom training sessions, even if these fall outside of normal working days
  • Access to a computer (or large tablet), decent internet speed and a headset to undertake online classroom training
  • To complete homework during the course
  • To engage directly with OISC source materials, not only textbooks and manuals
  • Approximately five additional days for self-study, revision and assessment sitting
  • Making use of other opportunities to improve knowledge and understanding of immigration law, including coaching and forum membership
  • To prepare a New Adviser form prior to application for registration
  • Providing feedback to FIAP on their experience and outcome

The OISC Level One (Immigration) Course

  • Pre-training: test webinar to familiarise with software and troubleshoot problems
  • Pre-training podcast – Regulation, Ethics, Legal Aid, Drafting, etc
  • Day One – Introduction to Immigration Control
  • Day Two– General Grounds for Refusal and Nationality Law
  • Day Three – Private and Family Life
  • Day Four– EEA Free Movement
  • Day Five – Visits, work and study

Training is delivered via an online classroom setting, using live webinar, breakout sessions and online activities. Breakout sessions involve small group activities and discussions. The trainer remains accessible throughout the day.

Revision and self-study time

We provide refresher webinars and revision materials. Your staff will need these to revise before their assessment.

Most individuals will require 3-5 days of self-study and revision to pass their assessment. Without this they are unlikely to pass and your organisation will not be given regulated status by the OISC.

Level One training frequency

We currently run training every 2-3 months. Before your staff can sit a course your organisation needs to be committed to registration, ready to support staff to get trained and prepare for assessment, and be accepted onto the FIAP project.

Read Organisation Registration Guide

Read Adviser Registration Guide

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