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At Refugee Action, along with our friends at Ben & Jerry’s, we believe that Love Is… giving a warm welcome, whether that’s to a brand new flavour or to refugees and people seeking asylum. A kind word or a smile can make such a difference to all of us.

But it can mean even more to someone who has been forced to flee their home because of war and violence. It lets them know that there are people here in Britain who care. Who share their hope that they can build a new life here. If you’re one of those people, please leave a message of welcome today.

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Please don't go! If you choose no, we won't be able to contact you about our work and how you're helping people who have fled violence and persecution. Be part of the action to help them rebuild their lives in Britain. Please choose yes.

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Welcome to England, it may be cold and wet but there are many people who recognise your bravery and determination to make a better life for yourself, you will find many caring and kind people here – there are lots of groups in towns and villages collecting warm clothes and sending money to help you. you have made it here and must breathe in and allow time to start to heal, your journey may not end just because you are here, but you will find many helping hands to guide you on your way. we are all human beings and i am fortunate to have a safe environment, this should be available to all of us and i hope you have a warm place to rest your weary head xx


Welcome to the UK! Good luck!


Welcome. please know, it is only a few people who are racist in this country. most are nice, and will make friends and help. i hope you find peace.


hello and welcome to the uk. this will be strange for you at first but you will get used to our different ways. some people will be scared of you and because of this will not welcome you. you need to be strong and this will change especially if you try to mix with people and learn to speak english. x