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Making the most of social media in your Race for Refugees

Thank you for taking on the Race for Refugees! When it comes to fundraising, social media is your friend. Try and do a few posts on your social media channels of choice throughout your race. Post a photo of you in your Refugee Action t-shirt and ask your friends, family and colleagues to show their support by sponsoring you. Top tip – time these posts for payday if you can!

We know you’ll be busy training and planning your race, so we’ve put together a few example social media posts to help you. Swap the bits in bold with details of your challenge, and you’re good to go!

We also recommend following us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and re-sharing any posts that you think your friends, family and supporters might be interested to see, so that they can get to know us a little better!


Post #1 – announcing your challenge

In August I’m taking on the Race for Refugees for @RefugeeAction. I’ll be running 20 miles/walking 5k/swimming the equivalent length of the English Channel to help refugees rebuild their lives here in the UK.

Refugees have been uprooted. They are ordinary people who’ve been forced to leave the homes they love because of war or conflict. Everyone should live in a country where they feel safe and welcome, and Refugee Action are working tirelessly to give these people the fresh start that they deserve.

I would love it if you could sponsor me in my challenge. Consider it your good deed for the month! Every donation will give refugees hope for the future, as well as giving me the encouragement I need to keep running/walking/swimming. If you can, please sponsor me here:


Post #2 – updating your fans

As you all know, this week I began my month long Race for Refugees challenge. I will be cycling 10k every day in July/running to and from work for a whole month/walking the South Downs over the month of August. Why am I doing this? Because in Britain today people seeking asylum are being failed by the government.  They are forced into poverty, unable to work, left waiting for months, and sometimes years, to find out if they will ever be able to truly live in safety. I believe that they deserve better.

I’m putting my legs to the test and raising funds for Refugee Action, a charity that exists to support refugees and people seeking asylum to rebuild their lives in the UK. A £10 donation could provide emergency supplies for a person seeking safety, and a £20 donation could provide emergency accommodation for a night.

Anything you can spare will make a real difference to refugees living in the UK. Thank you so much! 


Post #3 – celebrating your success!

I did it! I completed my Race for Refugees. Here is a photo of me feeling victorious at the finish line. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has sponsored me so far. Your kindness will make a genuine difference to refugees and people seeking asylum in the UK.

It’s not too late to donate to my page, and I’d really love your support. It’s been a really tough year for us all, but imagine what it must have been like for those without a support network or a roof over their heads. Together, we can make the UK a more welcoming place for people forced to leave their homes. 

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