My organisation is unsure or has no plans for OISC registration

You might want to know about the boundaries of giving immigration advice, or be considering delivering it.

I’m unsure

If you’re unsure the Frontline Immigration Advice Project (FIAP) offers an organisation needs assessment. This helps you understand if your organisation should get registered and how it will affect your client work.

If after the needs assessment you do need to get registered then we can help you:

  • Develop an advice model, including remits and best practice
  • Prepare for Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) registration, including adviser training at Level One

We also offer staff awareness raising sessions that help them practice within legal boundaries until your organisation is registered (see below).

Request a needs assessment

My organisation doesn’t need to be registered

If you already know, or if your needs assessment determines, that you don’t need to be registered – we offer:

  • Staff awareness raising sessions (delivered online)
  • Help establishing partnerships with OISC registered organisations in your area

Awareness sessions cover:

  • Who needs immigration advice
  • Difference between ‘advice’ and ‘information’
  • What advice work can be done without regulation?
  • Role of solicitors and immigration advisers
  • The professional duties of solicitors and immigration advisers
  • Identifying poor practice
  • How to complain about solicitors and advisers

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