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Ahmad sought refuge
in the UK after fleeing
war-torn Afghanistan.

Forced to make impossible choices

What Ahmad had hoped would be a new start for him in the UK quickly turned into a nightmare he couldn’t wake up from.

Feeling isolated and alone, he had to navigate the confusing and unforgiving asylum system with little guidance.

“When I came to the UK I didn’t know about anything. I didn’t have money for food. I didn’t have a home. Then I met my caseworker from Refugee Action and she helped me.”

Thanks to our supporters, Ahmad got access to the legal advice and Asylum Support payments he desperately needed.

But surviving on this allowance of less than £6 a day during the pandemic is becoming impossible for him.

Today we are asking you to donate and provide a lifeline to people like Ahmad. Will you give them the opportunity to rebuild their lives?

“It’s impossible to eat three meals a day on this money and pay for everything else.

"I would just go and buy the cheapest packet of spaghetti I could find, then sleep for the rest of the day.”

When Ahmad needed to buy a calculator for school he was forced to go days without food.

When the coronavirus lockdown started Ahmad was pushed into depression. Schooling went online, and though Refugee Action helped Ahmad access a grant for a laptop, he was often forced to choose between data for school or food for the day.

“I pay £10 for Internet, but this doesn’t last for a whole month. I run out very quickly. This makes doing school work very difficult.” Ahmad was forced to continuously skip meals so he could pay for data and finish his schoolwork.

He wants to complete his studies so he can become a mechanic. No one should have to choose between eating or accessing education. But sadly, it is not just Ahmad who is having to make this choice.

Even as lockdown restrictions begin to change, and we look toward building a new normal for refugees and people seeking asylum like Ahmad still face a system where the scales are tipped against them.

With your support, we can help Ahmad and others like him build the lives they deserve.

Donate today to stop people being forced to make impossible choices

£20 could provide a month of data to keep people connected and learning

£50 could provide supermarket vouchers to stop people seeking asylum going hungry

£100 could help a family get the access they need to a tablet or laptop