Good Practice and Partnerships

Our Good Practice and Partnerships service works to increase access to justice, and reduce poverty and homelessness for refugees and asylum seekers.

We do this through direct services, as well as support for other organisations. Together we will have the biggest impact by delivering services that are:

  • Grounded in expert knowledge, up-to-date policy, with staff and volunteers who are skilled advocates
  • Planned, proactive and targeted, based around models of ‘early action’, prevention and empowerment rather than just emergency, reactive and crisis-driven support
  • Well connected both locally and beyond, and grounded in strong partnerships.

In this way we can provide support for other organisations to help them build capacity and deliver more life changing services to refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.

Our good practice activities include identifying the needs of these organisations and providing them with tailored support. We deliver training to build specific skills and expertise, and ensure they have access to the right information whenever they need it.

We also support the development of new partnerships by creating connections across regions and encouraging new approaches to service design, including early action principles.

We support more than 100 organisations per year through local, face-to-face activities and online resources.