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Our vision for the UK asylum system

Now, with more people displaced around the world than ever, it’s vital that they are welcomed into an asylum system that is compassionate, accessible and workable.

Our vision at Refugee Action is that those seeking asylum are admitted into a system that is based on four key principles of anti-racism, equality, accountability, and welcome. These principles would transform the refugee protection system into a kinder system where people seeking asylum are believed, welcome and treated with dignity.

Our four principles

1. Anti-racism

All people who arrive in the UK to seek safety are welcomed equally into an anti-racist and compassionate asylum system that is simple to navigate and supports people to rebuild their lives in safety and with stability.

2. Equality

Access to safe routes for people to come to the UK to seek asylum will be equal, wherever they come from in the world. The compassionate asylum system will not discriminate based on nationality, and it will ensure people who want to claim asylum in the UK can arrive safely and be well supported when they do.

3. Accountability

The compassionate asylum system will be focussed on protection and trauma support. A review will take place to consider if the Home Office needs to be dismantled and Immigration removed from its administration. While it is still in place, the Home Office will always be transparent in the way it works and the data it shares. Everyone seeking asylum will be able to access legal support and an advocate for support.

4. Welcome

The hostile environment has been replaced by a welcoming anti-racist environment. The cost of cruelty in economic and human terms has ended. Policies are in place to make sure people who arrive in the UK feel supported and cared for, have access to justice, and have a quick and fair decision on their claim so that they can start to rebuild their lives in the UK.