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Planning for the future, counting on support

By July 19, 2013October 20th, 2016Blog post
Leave a legacy in your will for Refugee ACtion in your will to help support our future. Photo Claudia Janke/Refugee Action

Refugee staff member Amanda Shah Photo Refugee ActionFor National Remember a Charity Week, Amanda Shah shares Refugee Action’s future vision and how you help make it happen by leaving a gift in your will.

A series of recent planning meetings here at Refugee Action has made it clearer than ever to me just how much we rely on those generous individuals who decide to leave us a gift in their Will.

I’m all too aware that there are no overnight solutions to many of the problems faced by refugees and asylum seekers coming to this country. That’s why, in order to help them as effectively as possible, so much of our work hinges on long-term strategies.

Crucially, we need to focus on safeguarding the principles of sanctuary and protection in the UK, in a way that makes sure that – in a generation’s time – people are still able to come here and make claims for asylum.

It’s a tradition of tolerance and compassion that British people are justly proud of – and one that we are duty bound to uphold for future generations.

But, at the same time, we need to work as hard as possible to change the current asylum system so that it’s fair, just and treats vulnerable people humanely.

If we’re going to be sure we can keep up the pressure – for as long as necessary – we must be absolutely certain that we’re going to have the resources to do it.

Gifts left to Refugee Action in supporters’ Wills are by far the best way of providing long-term security. More than any other type of support, they allow us to plan future work with confidence and accuracy.

Moreover, when we know the future is taken care of, we’re better able to concentrate on doing everything we need to do in order to support the men, women and children who need our help right now.

My gratitude and admiration goes out to everyone who makes the extraordinarily far-sighted and generous decision to help us in this way. We really couldn’t do without them.

If you are interested in leaving a gift in your will to Refugee Action, contact our Supporter Care Team on 02079521563 or via email