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London Asylum Crisis Project

London Asylum Crisis Project

Providing support and guidance for asylum seekers in desperate need in London.

Asylum Crisis London provides advice, casework and advocacy to asylum seekers on how to access asylum support (accommodation and/or financial support).

Every person seeking asylum in the UK should be able to live with dignity while their claim is processed or when they have been given refugee status. Sadly, many asylum seekers and refugees are denied the help they need leaving them and their families homeless, hungry and desperate. Many of the services they come into contact with often do not know how they can help.

The Asylum Crisis Project, funded by the Gaudio Foundation, supports individuals and families with the assistance they need to be safe and healthy, like Nasser.

Nasser, a father of four who fled Libya with his wife and children, was left with nowhere safe to live or money for food when the Home Office refused to grant his family any support. The Asylum Crisis Project helped Nasser put in an appeal against this decision and ensured that his family had safe housing and food during the appeal process.

We want to help more people like Nasser and his family avoid hunger and homelessness, and make sure that organisations in London know how best to provide support.


Who does this service support?

Asylum seekers in London who are struggling with finding safe housing and food and the organisations providing them with support.


How to contact this service

Please contact us to refer yourself or someone else to this service. We will reply as soon as we can.

You can also:

Phone Asylum Crisis London on 07595189995 or 07827775964

OR email

You can also contact us via WhatsApp on 07500226652 or 07500226652


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