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Refugee and Asylum Seeker Voice

Wearing bright green t-shirts and carrying banners proclaiming messages of welcome and support for other refugees, members of Refugee Action's Refugee and Asylum Seeker Voice group stand in front of Big Ben at the London Refugees Welcome March in September 2016.

Support for refugees and asylum seekers in Greater Manchester to help them fight for change and improve local services

Navigating the complex UK asylum system can leave many people feeling lost, isolated and that they have little control over their lives or their futures. Often, refugee and asylum seeker voices are not heard, and their skills and knowledge go unrecognised.

Refugee Action, together with the Greater Manchester Refugee Support Partnership, are supporting asylum seekers and refugees to speak out about their experiences. This helps us better understand the services they need, and means they can directly advocate and campaign to local and national decision makers to make positive changes to their lives.

Group members recently attended an Immigration Listening event held by the Labour Party in Oldham, hosted by local MP (and now Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions) Debbie Abrahams, Shadow Home Secretary Andy Burnham and then Shadow Immigration Minister Keir Starmer. They used this opportunity to raise the issue of long waits for asylum decisions, as well as Refugee Action’s Let Refugee’s Learn campaign for increased English language provision.

Who does this project support?

Refugees and asylum seekers living in Greater Manchester – primarily those who access the support services of the Greater Manchester Refugee Support Partnership, delivered by Refugee Action, British Red Cross, Rainbow Haven and Revive.

How to contact this project

To refer yourself or someone else to this project, please contact us.