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The National Immigration Advice Service (NIAS)

The National Immigration Advice Service (NIAS) is a newly launched service at Refugee Action. It provides Immigration advice and casework support and representation to vulnerable people seeking asylum and migrants who are receiving support from Refugee Action’s Asylum Crisis services. The service delivers immigration advice and casework up to OISC Level 3. Clients will be referred internally from the Crisis Asylum Services in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Bradford.  The service will also receive direct referrals from Bradford.

The NIAS sits at the heart of Refugee Action’s Asylum Services stream of work recognising the important of holistic support to people seeking asylum and vulnerable migrants who face destitution and crisis. The service provides immigration advice, representation, advocacy and casework in areas where people seeking asylum face barriers to legal aid funding namely further submissions to the Home Office (limited remit), Family & Private life applications, limited Domestic Violence applications and other compelling cases for vulnerable migrants who have a route to obtaining legal status.

The service works to fundamental values of legal tenacity and courageousness, taking on the difficult cases and not giving up.

Referral routes into our service are through completing the attached referral form and then email:

If you have any queries or comments, please feel free to contact Duduzile Moyo  (Solicitor/Legal Manager), or Shazia Naseeruddin at


Referral Form