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This September, Race for Hope. Race for change. Race for Refugees.

Take on a challenge however you want, wherever you want.

Walk, run, cycle or swim. The choice is yours.

How far? It’s up to you! Set a challenging but realistic distance and achieve it at any point between September 1st and 30th.

This could be running a mile a day for the month, taking on one big 50k cycle, walking 10,000 steps a day, or whatever you like. Race in a way that works for you, and we will be cheering you on every step of the way.


This year has been harder than ever before for people seeking safety in the UK. We have seen even more horrendous anti-refugee bills proposed by the government, and demonisation of innocent people seeking asylum in the media. On top of this, people are still waiting months, to years, for a result on their asylum application, often left in unliveable accommodation with just £5.84 per day to survive on.

Join us in the fight for change this September. Race for Refugees together with us in solidarity, and to show that humanity can win.

You design the challenge,

Vanessa’s designed the shirt

Raise just £10 and we’ll send you an exclusive challenge fundraising pack! This includes a t-shirt designed by Vanessa, who has personal experience of seeking asylum in the UK. So, while you race, you’ll be showing off the creativity of people seeking safety.

Meet our Community of Racers

Junayd and his bike

Taking part for the second year running, Junayd committed to cycling 40 miles a week, taking on the roads of rural Cambridgeshire for refugees. And the previous year he ran 40km. Thank you Junayd for being a part of the Race for Refugees family!

Kisaco Research’s company walk

The team at Kisaco research got involved by organising sponsored walks across the globe. Different teams came together to walk and they tracked their actions on Strava, raising over £1,800 for our work. What a bunch of legends.

Orla and pals

Inspired to take action after seeing how support for refugee families had crumbled during the pandemic, Orla and her housemates ran 500km over a month as part of their Race for Refugees. They raised over £1,600 thanks to generous friends and family.


We are always here to help, and we love hearing from you! If you have any questions before signing up, drop us an email on or call on 07929769374

Hollie, Community and Events Fundraising Manager