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Top tips on reaching your fundraising target

By January 24, 2020May 19th, 2022Resource, Resources for fundraisers

Thank you for fighting for a fairer future for refugees. To support you in your fundraising journey, here are our top tips for smashing that target.


#1. Personalise your fundraising page

Pop a photo of yourself on your fundraising page and add the story of why you’re raising money for Refugee Action. If you’re a little camera shy, you can always use the photo that is already on the page! If you are adding any other photos to your page, we recommend using positive imagery and avoiding using distressing imagery. Check out our website for some ideas and get in touch if you’d like us to send particular images over to you.


#2. Make the most of social media

Once your page is good to go, it’s time to announce your challenge to the world. Use social media to get your fundraising page out there. Here are a few example posts that you can adapt to get those donations rolling in.

Use this one to announce your challenge…

In April 2022 I’m taking on the  Hackney Half Marathon for @RefugeeAction. I’ll be running 13.1 gruelling miles to help refugees rebuild their lives here in the UK.

Over the last year, we’ve seen refugees housed in unliveable army barracks, threatened by the government’s anti-refugee bill, and of course the Afghanistan crisis. Refugees deserve better than this, and that’s why I’m fundraising for Refugee Action. Refugee Action have been standing up for refugees since 1981, delivering frontline services and campaigning for their rights.

I would love it if you could sponsor me in my challenge. Consider it your good deed for the month! Every donation fights for a fairer future for refugees, as well as giving me the encouragement I need to keep running. If you can, please sponsor me here:

And use this one when you’ve conquered the race, to let everyone know how you did.

I did it, I completed the Brighton Marathon! It was tough, and there were times when I just wanted to stop and lie down on the floor, but the support you’ve all given me so far carried me through. Here is a photo of me feeling victorious at the finish line. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has sponsored me so far. Your kindness will make a genuine difference to refugees and people seeking asylum in the UK.

It’s not too late to donate to my page, and I’d really love your support. @RefugeeAction take your money and turn it into life changing support for refugees.  By donating, you are helping to make the UK a more welcoming place for people forced to leave their homes. 

We recommend doing at least two social media posts ahead of your race – one to announce your challenge, and one on the big day itself. Make your posts stand out by including a photo of you in your running attire, along with a link to your page. Be sure to tag us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter too so that your supporters can read more about what we do.


#3. Keep your supporters updated

Try to keep your lovely donors updated with how your training is going, and make sure you say a huge thank you to them for sponsoring you! A great way to encourage more donations is by showing people what an impact their support can have. Here are some examples that you can share, either on your JustGiving page or on your social media.

£10 could train a volunteer to assist families in crisis, ensuring they have the support they are entitled to.

£15 could provide unlimited data, texts and phone calls for a family for a month. This would mean that they can keep connected with their loved ones and important information from across the world.

£25 could provide a vulnerable family with emergency food, toiletries and warm clothes.

£50 could help a family find accommodation, preventing them from homelessness.

£100 could help pay for an interpreter to attend five advice sessions with a refugee, so that they can receive life-changing advice in a language that they understand.

You can also share our Sanctuary video, which provides insight into what life can be like for a person seeking asylum in the UK.

#4. Tap into those networks

Remember that former colleague whose marathon you sponsored last year, or your uncle who inspired you to run your first ever race? Let them know about your epic challenge, and ask for their support. Making the most of your networks is a great way to reach your fundraising goal. Think of it like this – you are doing something challenging, as well as giving people the opportunity to help survivors of war, violence and persecution.

Where you can, let people know about your challenge directly by sending them an email or text. Not everyone will be able to sponsor you, but for every person who can’t, there could be someone who has been looking for a good opportunity to donate to a refugee charity, and who has a spare £50 in their pocket!

Be sure to send an email around at work too, payday is the ideal time for this. And of course include your JustGiving page in your family WhatsApp, and tell all your mates. The more you share, the more donations you’ll get!

#5. Fundraise at work

Some generous employers will match your fundraising, which is a fab way of raising even more money for refugees. Get in touch with your HR department to ask if they offer any charity matching schemes.

If they don’t offer a matched funding scheme perhaps they can help you promote your fundraising internally, for example by putting it on the staff intranet, or by helping you host a workplace fundraiser. You could run a sweepstake on what your finishing time will be, charging a small amount for entry and with a prize for the winner. Or you can boost your donations with a company-wide dress down day, office cake sale or raffle. And don’t fear, all of these ideas are straightforward and quick to organise!


#6. Don’t be a stranger

Finally, if you’re nervous about reaching your target or want to chat through some ideas, we’re always here to help! We can work with you to map out a plan, share what has worked for fundraisers in the past, or to simply send you some bunting, stickers, leaflets and other Refugee Action goodies. You can get in touch with Rebecca at, or give us a call on 0800 141 2426.

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