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Refugee Action responds to the European Commission’s European Agenda on Migration

By May 13, 2015October 26th, 2016Press release

Today the European Commission, as part of its ‘European Agenda on Migration’, has set out a proposal that includes an EU-wide scheme of 20,000 resettlement places for refugees in need of protection with €50 million dedicated extra funding for 2015 and 2016.

Responding to the news, Stephen Hale OBE, Chief Executive of Refugee Action comments: ‘Britain has a vital part to play in responding to the global refugee crisis. It can and must lead Europe in compassion and fairness by voluntarily offering resettlement places to desperate people forced to flee. While politicians wrangle in Brussels, lives continue to be lost. Refugees need us to take action, and swiftly.’

‘Without these safe and legal routes to safety, refugees will continue to risk – and lose – their lives on this journey, undermining the proud tradition of protecting refugees our government speaks of so highly. Yet Theresa May continues to indicate that they will oppose proposals to share responsibility for welcoming refugees amongst all European countries.’

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