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Refugee Action Statement on the UK’s vote to leave the European Union

By June 24, 2016October 11th, 2016Press release

Refugee Action’s Chief Executive, Stephen Hale said:

“The decision to leave the EU was an extremely close call, and we now have a very divided Britain with an uncertain outlook. As the outcomes of Brexit start to emerge over the coming days, weeks and months it is crucial to remember that whilst immigration was passionately debated by both sides of the campaign – this vote was NOT about refugees. No mainstream politician spoke against Britain being a safe haven for refugees.

“Leaders from Leave and Remain now have an immediate responsibility to send a clear and united message. The public now need clarity that this was not a vote to slam the borders shut, or to fan the flames of prejudice towards 3 million understandably anxious Europeans living and working in the UK today. Nor is it a vote against Britain continuing its long tradition of being a welcoming and open nation to refugees fleeing violence, war and persecution. Refugee Action will redouble our efforts to help and support refugees and asylum seekers during this uncertain time.”