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Your support allows
families like Jose's
to create a new sense
of home.


When we arrived in the UK and claimed asylum there was no words of kindness from the immigration officer. They did not treat me or my family humanely.– Jose, Refugee Action Client 

CONTENT TRIGGER WARNING: Please be aware the following article talks about deportation threats, only read on if you feel comfortable doing so.  

This Refugee Week we need your support to help people like Jose rebuild their lives and create their new homes in the UK.  

Today, Jose wants to share his story with you – one of adversity, and crisis but also one of hope, and love.  

Jose and his family were forced to leave their home three years ago because of threats from violent gangs. 

I felt I had to be strong for my family. They’re the most important thing for me.

We came here to save our lives, all I wanted was to have a safe home for my family. But for months we got very little support.  I felt I had to be strong for my family. They’re the most important thing for me.’

We continued to wait without any updates. I remember my son’s birthday was coming up. My wife and I saved what little we had, we just wanted to buy him a burger or a piece of cake.  

On my son’s birthday, I finally received a letter about our case. Our claim had been refused. It was the worst moment of our lives.  

It said we had 14 days to leave the country. We were being sent back. Sent back to a home that no longer existed, a home that was no longer safe. It felt like the world was crashing down on us.’

Families like Jose’s are victims of an asylum system that is not fit for purpose. It punishes people rather than protects them.  

But with your support, we can help them get the support needed to navigate the unkind and punishing asylum system. 

Could you donate this Refugee Week and help more people like Jose navigate the cruel and unkind asylum system? Will you help them to create the safe homes they deserve?

could provide essentials, such as hygiene products, or travel support to people left without access to their funds. 

could host twice weekly coffee mornings with caseworkers who provide critical advice and support.

could help 10 people in crisis to access a session with a case worker to advocate for faster decisions so people are able to relocate into safer, long-term accommodation.