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Make your legacy part of
a kinder and safer future

Together we can build a future where instead of hostility and neglect, people forced to flee their homes find kindness, a fair decision and help to rebuild their lives.

Leaving a gift in your Will is one of the most powerful ways you can be part of this future. It won’t just safeguard urgent, practical help people vitally need; it will keep your principles alive, making an active difference after you’ve gone.

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"It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that after your death you will still be giving someone else the chance to experience the freedoms you’ve had."
 - Refugee Action pledger

Elsa and her family fled war

“I was a frightened and bewildered eight-year-old when my family fled to England. Our lives had been torn apart by the Kosovan war. When I stepped off the plane in Manchester, I had no home to go to, I couldn’t speak a word of English and I knew nobody. But we were not alone.

“The kind people from Refugee Action welcomed us so warmly. There was a private room for us to go to with phones, so we could tell our relatives we were safe. I remember the table piled high with food and the play area for us children.”

Read Elsa's full letter

Our Free Will Partnership

Refugee Action have partnered with Will for Good with Bequeathed to offer a free Will writing service to our supporters. You can find out more in our Gift in Wills guide or get started on our Free Wills page.

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Free Wills page

We’ve been welcoming refugees since 1981…


Refugee Action is founded in response to the refugees fleeing Vietnam.


Bosnian refugees coming to England are welcomed and given support.


We help refugees from the war in Kosovo to find safety and settle here.


The Gateway programme begins resettling refugees from across the world.


Our Liverpool team launches an advice service for people seeking asylum.


The new Good Practice team works nationally to improve immigration advice.


We launch and lead Lift The Ban, a campaign to give people seeking asylum the right to work.

With your help we can continue to welcome refugees. A gift in your Will is one of the most effective ways to ensure that we're there to support them in the future.