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Is this sanctuary?

You wouldn’t believe the things that refugees and people seeking asylum go through.

We don’t just mean the war, persecution, violence and terror they fled in their home countries. We mean the hatred, isolation and destitution they face when they arrive in the UK.

You might think that when they arrive here, their journey to safety is over. But for many, this is not the case.

Watch ‘Is this sanctuary?’


Endless waiting

People seeking safety
are left in limbo for months,
often years,
waiting for answers



Banned from working,
people seeking asylum
are left to survive
on just £5.39 a day



We work with people who face
horrific violent attacks
and racist abuse,
for simply existing



Lack of access to
English language lessons
leaves many isolated and
unable to integrate



Many people seeking safety
are left in damp, crowded,
unsafe accommodation


Humanity can win

We know that we can make the UK a safer, more welcoming place for refugees and people seeking asylum.

But we can’t do it alone. Your support is vital.

Men, women and children fleeing war, disaster or persecution desperately need our help. Your kind donations mean they’re not alone. With your support, we can give traumatised and hungry families a warm welcome, and compassionate support to start afresh. Together we can give them a helping hand to rebuild their lives. 


Help us change the system

As well as the tailored one-to-one support our services provide, we campaign to make changes to the hostile systems that leave people without support, without work or without hope for a future.

The more people who support our campaigns, the louder our collective voice can be.

Our campaigns

Since 1981, we’ve been fighting to make sure that the UK shows refugees and people seeking asylum the best of humanity.

We believe in humanity. That’s why we support survivors of violence, disaster and persecution to uphold their human rights and live free from poverty. With us beside them, they can build safe, productive lives in the UK.


not isolation


not destitution


not hatred

A future

free from fear

Small but powerful

As a small charity committed to helping one of the most marginalised communities in the UK, every gift we recieve is truly appreciated – and makes a genuine difference to the lives of people who come here seeking sanctuary.

In 2019/20, Refugee Action:

Helped 875 refugees to rebuild their lives in the UK

Mobilised over 150,000 people to take campaign actions

Supported over 3,000 people to access housing and support

Provided training and support to over 90 organisations

“Every step of the way”

Emad is just one of the thousands of people your support has impacted. He says the support he’s received from Refugee Action has been overwhelming – from helping him and his wife access English language lessons, health services and benefits, to providing them with practical everyday advice and guidance.

“The caseworkers understand our frustrations and challenges. And they help us every step of the way,” he says. “They care so much about our wellbeing.”


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