Mercy spent three years trapped in the asylum system. Unable to work. Watching her children falling into depression. Left feeling helpless. Now she is starting the process of rebuilding her life.

Spring is the season for new beginnings. As a Refugee Action supporter, you have a vital role in the new beginning of people seeking safety.

People just like Mercy.

We first introduced our supporters to Mercy when she was Guest Editor of last summer’s newsletter.

She exuded light and joy but underneath she was struggling. It is supporters like you that help make sure Mercy and many others feel supported during this struggle.

Will you donate today to help people as they push for their new beginning? 

Living in the asylum system takes a lot from you. 

 It stripped me of my identity and my self-worth. For nearly three years this was my family’s reality.  

But now we have our Refugee status. 

When we found out I was speechless.  

What really struck me was the realisation that we’d been living like incomplete human beings in the asylum system.  

Now I’m putting my family back together”  

Mercy’s daughter particularly struggled during their time in the asylum system. She become isolated. She stopped eating and became very depressed. Mercy felt helpless. Being banned from working meant she struggled to provide for her daughter.

“Without Refugee Action I honestly think life would have been hell.” 

Because of supporters like you, we were able to connect Mercy’s daughter to mental health support services, and Mercy even attended a Community Resilience Model ® workshop being piloted by Refugee Action.  

“Refugee Action became the family we didn’t have.”  

Starting over is daunting. Mercy is hoping to find work, a new home and to start rebuilding the self-worth she and her family lost over the last three years.  



“Love is a strong force bursting in like light and changes your perception. It’s is colourless and has no shape. It binds the hearts of those who open their doors to it and fills it with calmness and joy that cannot be quantified. From the picture in this house things don’t sit in their proper place but the duo are calm and locked up together not minding at all.

Lesson: Love will compel you to open your heart and allow positive energy to come in.”

Created & shot by: Mercy




Supporting Wellbeing

With your support we can continue adapting and expanding our services to offer strengthened mental health and wellbeing support to people like Mercy. 

This project was initially developed to help people seeking asylum to better understand their rights and the asylum process. Home Office delays continue to grow with an estimated 62,000 people waiting over 6 months. In this drawn out and confusing process our guides offer a lifeline. 

The longer people are left in limbo the greater the risk to their mental health. We are introducing wellbeing support to make sure people can cope better with the stress of waiting. 

This project was recently piloted by our Children and Families team to support people’s wellbeing. Mercy attended this workshop where she was introduced to a set of wellness skills to help navigate stress and trauma. 


Donate today and you can help a new beginning 

could help offer weekly wellbeing sessions which help people to stay connected and access vital information.

could provide a wellbeing box with mindfulness activities to someone like Mercy.

could help provide on-going caseworker sessions to someone needing support in the asylum system.