Did you know you can raise money for Refugee Action while you shop, recycle and search the Internet?

From donating your old car to searching the web and getting deals on your shopping, it’s easy to raise money for Refugee Action in your day-to-day life.

Fundraise as you search online

Each time you do an online search through Savoo or Everyclick, a small donation will be made to our work at no extra cost to you.

Fundraise as you shop

Set up an account with Easyfundraising and they’ll donate a percentage of your total online shopping bill to our projects.

Download the Give As You Live app onto your mobile to receive offers and special deals, with Refugee Action receiving a donation each time you get a bargain.

Recycle to raise cash

Send your old printer cartridges and mobile phones to Recycle for Charity and they’ll donate their value to our projects.

Donate your old car

Do you have a car that needs to be scrapped? Give a Car will value and collect your car, and you can choose to donate all or half of its value to Refugee Action.