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Yagoub Matar

Yagoub is co-founder of the Psychosocial Services and Training Institute in Cairo (PSTIC), which is based on community-based psychosocial workers supporting urban refugee wellbeing. Yagoub has managed many refugee projects: a pilot project of socioeconomic verification of Syrian refugees at Save The Children International-Egypt office, Managing outreach programmes at African and Middle East Refugee Assistance (AMERA), that reach out to refugee communities to support the vulnerable cases, Coordinating Direct Assistance Project at St. Andrews Refugee Service (StARS) and ICRC, Supporting Casework of the Destitution Project, Bolton, UK

Yagoub is currently an advisory board member of the Egypt-based StARS charity, overseeing the human resources and financial departments.

He joined Refugee Action in 2018 and volunteered in different departments: community development, English and language group, resettlement group, and co-leading the Expert By Experience Steering Group.

He holds a PgDip in International Negotiations and a Masters Degree in International Management from University of Bolton, Greater Manchester. He loves spending time with his family and community members.