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12 ways to help refugees welcome this Christmas

By October 14, 2015December 9th, 2016Blog post
Mother and her baby. Photo Refugee Action

Can you believe there’s just twelve days left until Christmas this year? To celebrate, here are twelve things you can do to help and welcome refugees this festive season.

  1. Write a message of welcome for newly arrived refugees on our Welcome Wall.
  2. Read a real-life refugee story and share it with your family and friends.
  3. Donate to Refugee Action’s urgent winter appeal to give refugee families a warm welcome.
  4. Learn the definition of a refugee and read some other useful facts about what asylum really is.
  5. Plan a Big Night In dinner (using our handy recipe and spice kit, created by refugees to showcase their favourite recipes) to raise money to help people in need.
  6. Join a local community group that helps and welcomes refugees in your town, like City of Sanctuary.
  7. Find out more about volunteering with refugees and sign up with your local volunteer centreor Do-It.orgto hear about new opportunities in the spring.
  8. Read our practical guide to welcoming and helping refugees in your community. 
  9. Register for a fundraising run or sporting event and find out how we can help you raise vital funds for refugees.
  10. Recycle your old phone, printer cartridges or even your car in aid of refugees.
  11. Donate warm, comfortable clothing to refugees in need (you’ll find information about where we and others can accept donations in this blog post).
  12. Learn more about opening your home and hosting a refugee in need through hosting schemes such as Rooms for Refugees.