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UK should lead Europe in showing compassion for refugees

By May 11, 2015October 26th, 2016Press release

Refugee Action today calls on the UK to play a leading role in Europe on the humanitarian crisis affecting refugees fleeing war and persecution in Syria, Libya and elsewhere.

The European Commission’s new agenda for migration, to be announced on Wednesday, will include a comprehensive set of policies to manage migration into Europe from third countries. It will include a proposal for all EU countries to share responsibility for welcoming refugees through a quota system.

The UK Government has to date championed military operations against Libyan migrant traffickers to destroy their vessels, and indicated that they will oppose any EU Commission proposals to share responsibility for welcoming refugees amongst all European countries.

Commenting on the news, Stephen Hale OBE, Chief Executive of Refugee Action said:

“The crisis in the Mediterranean is a humanitarian issue, not a security problem. Britain’s response must be shaped by our humanitarian principles and tradition.”

“The UK should lead the way in Europe by making a voluntary pledge to resettle more refugees. This is the most serious refugee crisis since the end of the Second World War. Britain has a vital part to play.”

”With more than 1,700 lives lost in the Mediterranean this year, Refugee Action is calling for another way for refugees to reach Europe and the UK.”

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