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UK’s obligation to welcome refugees still stands

By July 6, 2016October 11th, 2016Blog post

Whatever the United Kingdom’s future relationship with the EU, refugees continue to deserve a warm welcome within the UK as they seek to rebuild their lives in safety away from war and persecution.

Even during the UK’s current stormy and divided political climate no side is questioning it’s commitment to support refugees. We believe now is the time to move forward, together and united in creating a positive future for everyone including those that have fled unimaginable horrors.

The UK  is at a crossroads with its European neighbours, but our role in the world as a country with compassion and respect for those that need our help must not change.

Join with us to show your continued support for refugees and asylum seekers, and show that we have #moreincommon.

Attend the Refugees Welcome Here 2016 rally on September 17

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