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"Your help changed my wife’s and children’s mental health it’s been a complete 180-degree change. I hope that you can continue to help more people like us.” - Abdullah*, Refugee Action client 

People seeking asylum are faced with a hostile environment that punishes them instead of protecting them. We are seeing more and more people pushed into crisis who are at risk of falling through the cracks. 

The dedicated caseworkers in our Asylum Crisis Team continue to do what they can to race against the mounting hostility to provide urgent crisis support. They are adapting how they work faster than ever but as demand grows they are struggling to keep up with the need for services.

Let’s take a glimpse into just two days of their work, showcasing the vital role your generosity plays in the lives of people seeking asylum. Every day presents new challenges, and with your help, Refugee Action can address them head-on. 

During these two days, they responded to numerous calls, from individuals experiencing or threatened with homelessness, to new mothers in need of financial support.  

As the complexity of cases grows due to escalating hostility and neglect, your support ensures Refugee Action can collaborate with partner organisations, bridging gaps in vital support for clients. 

“We live independently now, get fresh air, eat food and live a normal family life. My wife is completely different, even with the new issues in the house she is doing well. She was able to go to therapy.” - Abdullah, Refugee Action client  

Sadly, Abdullah’s is not an isolated case.

On the same day, the team were contacted by another family with a newborn. They were stuck in accommodation that had mould and no heating. As new parents they were rightly worried about their child’s safety. We were able to get them relocated to a suitable accommodation.  


Working the Asylum Crisis Team can feel relentless. The requests we receive do not slow down There are no quiet days. Demand for support is growing and constantly evolving. 

Destitution, limited legal advice and hostility impact nearly all the people that we support every day.

If you’d like to find out more about the poor condition of asylum accommodation click here.

The asylum system is not fit for purpose.  

But you play a vital role in helping us fight back against the hostile environment.  

 With your support we can ensure our teams have the resources they need to cope with the rising urgent needs.  

 No matter how big or small your donation is, every pound counts. Will you help meet the urgent needs of people seeking safety?

“Your support made the Home Office listen to us; you made a great impact on our situation.” - Zihan*, Refugee Action client  

could provide essentials, such as hygiene products, or travel support to people left without access to their funds. 

could host twice weekly coffee mornings with caseworkers who provide critical advice and support.

could help 10 people in crisis to access a session with a case worker to advocate for faster decisions so people are able to relocate into safer, long-term accommodation.