How you can support
refugees wherever
you are

Turn hopelessness into action

As the world grapples with the coronavirus emergency, refugees and people seeking asylum in the UK are more vulnerable than ever.

While we get frustrated by the official guidance, stir crazy in self isolation or panicked by empty supermarket shelves, let’s remember how much harder this is for those who struggle to speak English, have limited access to phones and internet, or have been dealing with homelessness and destitution even before this crisis.

In these challenging times, you can turn hopelessness into action.

Choose a challenge

You may not be hosting a gig or running a marathon anytime soon, but you can host a virtual fundraiser for Refugee Action, all from the comfort of your own home!

By holding a virtual fundraiser, you will be joining a community of people doing something positive during the COVID-19 crisis. It’s simple – all you need to do is decide on your lockdown challenge and make it official by creating a Facebook fundraiser and asking for donations. Here are some of our favourite ideas to get you started.

Donate your commute

As so many of us working from home at the moment, we’re bound to be saving a penny or two on travel. Put a feel-good spin on this and ask your contacts to donate what they’ve saved on  commuting to Refugee Action! By donating what they’ve saved that day or week, they will be keeping our frontline services running during these extremely challenging times.

Race For Refugees

Join the Race For Refugees and help us raise essential funds to move towards a future where those forced to flee their homes receive compassion, a fair decision, essential support and help to rebuild their lives in the UK.

We’re racing to change the systems that are failing people seeking safety.

Run. Walk. Cycle or swim. Do as many miles as you like in a day, a week or a month alone or with friends, family or colleagues.

Virtual Friday drinks

Is your workplace eager to do something altruistic during these difficult times? Gather your colleagues for a Friday drinks session on Zoom. Not sure that’s enough to encourage people to donate? Host a virtual quiz and ask everyone to make a donation to take part. This is a great way of raising funds for people seeking safety, as well as keeping connected to colleagues during lockdown.

Yoga or exercise classes

We’ve seen a surge of innovative ways to exercise over the last few weeks, from Joe Wicks’ morning PE lessons to virtual Zumba classes. Jump on the bandwagon and host an isolation exercise class for your nearest and dearest, asking for a donation to your fundraiser in return.

Cooking sessions

If lycra in your living room doesn’t appeal to you, why not host a cooking lesson instead? Teach your loved ones your favourite dish, or encourage them to cook along with you. You can enjoy the meal together afterwards, from the safety of your own homes!

Sell some stuff

Many people are using this time of social distancing to have a good old fashioned spring clean. Use eBay or Facebook marketplace to sell your unearthed treasures, and donate the proceeds to Refugee Action. Make sure you follow official advice on how to send things safely in the post.

Ready to get creative?

Set up your Facebook fundraiser today. If you want to livestream your activities, we’d recommend using Facebook Livestream or Zoom.

And if you want a helping hand (or just a chat!) get in touch with our Community and Events team, Rebecca and Aimee, at or by calling 07554 295 013.

Thank you for standing up for humanity with us. Your support keeps us going during these challenging times.