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Resources to join our campaign

Get involved in our campaign to expose the companies profiting from refugees’ misery.

Download a poster to put up in your window, workplace or local area or post one of our campaign graphics on social media to hold this government and private contractors accountable for the way they treat people seeking safety and the money they make doing it.

Click on any of the images below to download the posters and graphics.




SIGN THE PETITION: the UK asylum system must not be run for profit

The asylum system should be there to make people safe, not to make rich people richer.

The level of profit flowing into contractors from the asylum industry are scandalous. For too long, companies that treat people seeking safety awfully have been awarded massive public contracts, meaning massive payouts to their shareholders and senior staff.

It’s very simple. We need to see profit taken out of the equation and every penny of public money available to the refugee protection system spent on protecting refugees.

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We’re working together for a better asylum system.

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