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A Friend

Wow. Well done! Welcome (so very, very, very welcome). Good luck. I’m not sure how to start really – I want to tell you all of these things and so much more. I want to express my huge awe and admiration at your courage, your strength, your determination, your bravery in even attempting to do what you have succeeded in doing. I hope you are incredibly proud of yourself for enduring what you have and somehow finding it in yourself to keep going. You are a survivor and that is incredible. More than that, you are an amazing, complicated human being who has had some terrible luck and whatever choices you have made, I hope you know that you must have done something very right to get this far. I hate whatever drove you to leave your place of origin but I sincerely hope that you can make a new home here and I am glad you have come (much as I hate all the circumstances that forced you to do so) because someone as resilient and brave and determined as you can only make this area a better place – you enrich the world by being in it and although I’m not sure this country deserves you, you will improve it with your presence. I abhor the fact that you have been denied your human rights – above all, I hate that you are still having to fight for them…but please don’t stop fighting. I, and so many others, will continue to fight with you until you are treated with the compassion, empathy, support and respect you, like everyone else – without exception, deserve. I will continue to fight until this blind, stupid, bigoted, corrupt world realises that nationality and religion and ethnicity and laws enforcing them [and everything else we allow to pointlessly divide us] are human constructs and only matter because we let them matter; that it doesn’t matter if someone is entering your country ‘illegally’ because they are a person and they are what matter…that the bottom line is that we are all human and every human life is worth the same and worth saving. I will continue to fight with you, for you – whatever you want – until you don’t have to fight anymore. Until you are able, as you should always have been able, to feel safe and comfortable and happy and empowered and all the rest of these vitally important things I am lucky enough to take for granted in my own life but know you have been deprived of. Please know that you owe the world, this country, society, whatever, absolutely nothing. The simple fact of your existence means that you are automatically entitled to all of the aforementioned things and so much more. Life has let you down and it owes you a lot and we are going to make it pay up. I don’t know how and I don’t know when, but I promise we are. There are so many people who wish you nothing but good – so many people who desperately want to fight your corner with you, or enable you to do so yourself (and to give you the chance to exercise the right to decide what it is you want us to do to help), so many people who want to build a world where fighting for these fundamental human rights will be a thing of the past, so many people…but even if there was only me, I would still fight, I would still care about you (yes, you personally – because you are a person and that matters more than anything, you matter more than anything) and although we will probably never meet I would still be your friend. I am your friend. So please don’t give up. Please hold onto whatever amazing character traits have got you this far and know that kindness, compassion, empathy, love and just basic humanity do still exist in the world. You are amazing because you are an individual and whatever happens next that will never change. That can never be taken away from you. However dehumanising and awful all these flawed societies are, it does not stop you being human and whatever lies they tell us it does not stop us knowing this. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (or, in my opinion, just plain happiness – without conditions, because that is what everyone deserves) are still your unalienable human rights however often and much you have been denied them. Compassion should be your unalienable human right. I will keep trying to make the world a place where these theoretical rights are a reality. You are not alone. You are brave and special and important and a person. What you have accomplished in getting to the point of reading my message is mind-blowingly amazing and I am humbled by it. I wish you all the luck in the world and more. I wholeheartedly hope that things work out and I will do more than hope. I will try to make it so. A Friend.