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Lewis Thomas

Welcome to the UK! You have most likely been through more hardship and suffering than we can ever imagine, but I am so pleased that you are here now. Everyone deserves a safe place to live, and I hope that all citizens of the UK will welcome you with open arms. Although you have had to see and deal with the worst sides of humanity in your journey, please rest assured that there are still people out there – like myself and many others – who want to welcome you to our community with enthusiasm and compassion. I am sure that you – as well as any skills and attributes that you may have – will contribute to the good of our society; in the same way I hope that our society gives you the opportunities to re-build your life and realise your dreams. You are a British citizen now – you are one of us, and never let anyone tell you any different. I wish you all the best for the future, and hope that this country offers you everything that you wish for.